Why DolkHesper


DolkHesper is a family owned company that provides international business services. We help companies and their owners to feel at home in The Netherlands. We want you to experience our services as an extension of your business.

What clients tell us

Dolk+Hesper has been a big help when setting up our new office in Amsterdam. Being new to the Netherlands and not knowing the local laws and regulations, we really appreciated their experience as well as their fast and friendly service. I would definitively recommend Dolk+Hesper.

- Erik Olsson, Bannerboy AB -

Clients choose to make use of our services because:

  • They like the engagement, reliability and discretion of our family business.
  • We provide tailor made services that match their specific needs.
  • We keep track and take care of their business, “not just when they ask”.
  • They can “get an answer over the phone”.
  • We speak their native language and understand cultural differences.

Our team and experience

We have worked with more than 100 international business owners and look forward to assisting you as well.

Our team is organized around the needs of the client and his trusted advisors. We relieve them of administrative tasks to focus on their business. We also relieve them of unnecessary office and personnel costs. Our people are used to taking on an assisting role, and have a background in accounting, law and international business.

We speak English, Swedish, German, Spanish and Dutch at a native/professional level, so that communication with the client is pleasant, easy and fluent. We have a good understanding of the differences in culture and legislation between our client’s country of origin and the Netherlands.


DolkHesper was founded by Kathy Dolk and Remco Hesper, who are married and have two children. Kathy is a corporate lawyer with more than 10 years experience managing foreign owned businesses. She speaks Swedish, English, German and Dutch.

Remco has an MBA in International Business, and more than 10 years of experience in helping aspiring companies to expand internationally. He speaks English, Spanish, Dutch, and some Swedish.