Our Services

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As a family owned corporate services provider, DolkHesper has helped numerous business owners to set up and manage holding companies in the Netherlands. We relieve our clients of all the administrative tasks and paperwork to keep the company in good standing. We also help them save unnecessary office costs and personnel costs.

Our services include:

  • Obtain the tax advice to set up your company structure
  • Coordinate the incorporation of your company
  • An office address for your company
  • Opening and operating of a bank account
  • Accounting (bookkeeping, invoicing, reporting and annual accounts)
  • Coordinate VAT and CIT tax filings
  • Appointment of a Managing Director, if required
  • Acting as a Company Secretary, for post handling, administration and payments

DolkHesper works with several qualified law and notary firms and tax advisory firms to set up the company structure that you need.

DolkHesper offers tailor made solutions and only charges for services you need and want tot outsource. You can speak with our team members in your own language and establish what you need.